I have spent over a decade in the financial services industry.  I have had the opportunity to work with some of the largest and most well respected Independent Wealth Management firms in the country.  It was my role to play match maker for the retail investor and the professional.  After thorough conversations with my clients I was then required to find an RIA who could meet their needs.  Here in lies the problem.

After working closely with retails investors it was evident, to me at least, that there was a demand for a specific type of money manager.  The majority of professionals in the industry today are nothing more than sales representatives.  They are asset gatherers. Their job is to sell you a glossy pamphlet, use confusing jargon, and ultimately make you believe you are too stupid to do it on your own.

I’m here to tell you a different story.  I have spent my career studying the markets, and let me first tell you one thing:  Anyone can learn this!  It is not rocket science.  Will it take dedication and discipline?  Absolutely, but don’t let industry professionals make you believe otherwise.

So, here is what I do.  I look for opportunities across all markets, but also all products (Stocks, Bonds, Options, Listed Currencies, Futures).  Stay in liquid markets.  Have a high number of occurrences where I am selling option premium in high implied volatility. Stay small with the investment size, and manage my winners.  Now obliviously it gets a little more complicated, but this the blueprint.  Anyone can learn it, and I am happy to teach it.


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